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First on Scene


Course Length

4 Hours

CEU Information

Target Audience

Community members, Teachers, General Public

First on Scene


Penn Tactical Solutions Cadre

Our team is comprised of a cadre of instructors with diverse backgrounds including military, emergency medicine, and public safety who understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but isn't afraid to push you to your highest level of greatness. We utilize a crawl-walk-run methodology so that we set you up for success, both in our classes and where it matters most: out in the real world.

About the course

First on the Scene (FOTS), developed by NAEMT and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), teaches the general public basic emergency response to life-threatening emergencies until EMS arrives on the scene. Through lesson presentations and hands-on skill stations, participants will learn how to access help in the event of a life-threatening emergency and what to do until EMS arrives.

This course covers:

• Activating the 911 system
• Hands-only CPR and AED
• Administering naloxone
• Administering epinephrine
• Responding to life-threatening bleeding
• Penetrating chest trauma
• Moving patients to safety
• Positioning injured patients

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