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tactical medical training tourniquet application TECC TCCC Tactical Combat Casualty Care
tactical medical training tourniquet application TECC TCCC Tactical Combat Casualty Care
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If you're looking for realistic, hands-on training, our NAEMT mobile training unit is ready to bring our state-of-the-art training gear and cadre of experienced instructors to you. We offer a wide range of courses for every skill level and training goal.

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care-All Combatants

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care-Medical Personnel

  • Bleeding Control for the Injured

  • Stop the Bleed

  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

If you don't see what you're looking for or want to make your training better fit your department or agency's needs, we can customize a program to make sure that you're getting exactly the training you need.


We understand that your life could depend on the gear you carry. That's why we only sell the highest quality products from reputable companies. Whether it's a piece of medical equipment to restock your personal supply, or custom kits for your department, you can feel confident that when you buy from us- you're getting the best products that the industry has to offer. Your life is worth not taking the chance on anything else.


Even the best professionals can use an outside perspective from time to time. Whether you're an expert in your field and simply want a fresh set of eyes to take a look at your situation, or need expertise in an area that's new to you, our consultants are ready to use their education and real-world experience to make your mission a success. Our industry leading consultants have both educational and operational experience with military, emergency medicine, emergency management, search and rescue, law enforcement, security, veterinary/K9 medicine, and other related fields. Contact us so that we can get started on your custom solutions today.

About Penn Tactical Solutions

Our philosophy on training is simple: do good medicine well. We believe that a solid grasp of the basics is the foundation for every medical provider. We offer a wide range of classes to fit every experience level and training goal.
 Our team is comprised of a cadre of instructors with diverse backgrounds including military, emergency medicine, and public safety who understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but isn't afraid to push you to your highest level of greatness. We utilize a crawl-walk-run methodology so that we set you up for success, both in our classes and where it matters most: out in the real world. Our classes utilize both lectures and extensive hands on training.  Whether you're a soldier training to deploy overseas, a law enforcement officer wanting to learn how to keep yourself or your partner alive, an emergency medical professional who wants to take their knowledge and skills to the next level, or a teacher or active bystander who has never seen a tourniquet, we are confident that we can help you learn something new and have fun doing it. We know that when you come to our classes you have your own set of life experiences to draw upon, and that you're taking time out of your busy life to learn how to save yourself and others. These are qualities that we appreciate and respect. We want to take who you are and what you know and help you raise the bar. 

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