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First on Scene (FOTS)

First on the Scene (FOTS), developed by NAEMT and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), teaches the general public basic emergency response to life-threatening emergencies until EMS arrives on the scene. Through lesson presentations and hands-on skill stations, participants will learn how to access help in the event of a life-threatening emergency and what to do until EMS arrives.

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Failing to Prepare T-Shirt

Celebrating our Philadelphia heritage we are proud to introduce our "By Failing to Prepare, You are Preparing to Fail" T-Shirt. This quote applies today as much as it did in our city's early history. Show your commitment to succeeding when you wear this shirt!

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EMSCHEM- Virtual Offering

Virtual Offering of EMS Response to Chemical Weapons Incidents

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Public Access Trauma Kit Sale

April has a history of mass casualty incidents. In order to make public access trauma kits accessible we are offering discounted kits. This is your chance to be prepared and save hundreds of dollars.

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Tourniquet Sale

Tourniquet sale on select CoTCCC Recommended Tourniquets until 4/2/2021

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Penn Tactical is looking for qualified instructors

Penn Tactical Solutions is looking for dynamic, professional and knowledgeable instructors. Join a diverse team of medical medical professionals committed to delivering quality medical education.

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What to do in an Active Killer Incident

This blog explores steps that can be taken if you ever find yourself involved with and Active Killing incident.

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CBRN and EMS – A Dangerous Disconnect

When CBRN is brought up in the civilian emergency services circles, it is usually brushed under the rug. There are very few municipal public service agencies that are truly capable of effectively responding to an event involving a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear material used in a malicious nature.

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Boulder Shooting Leaves Six Dead, Including Police Officer

Law enforcement had reported an active shooter at a Colorado King Soopers grocery store Monday afternoon

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Morris County Law Enforcement Couple Save Skier in Montana

Wharton Police Detective Richard Ornelas and Detective Sgt. Christina Kovacs of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office are being praised this week for saving the life of a Montana skier, who suffered a dangerous break and was found bleeding profusely from a lacerated arm after crashing into a metal bridge

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Long Island Tactical EMS Conference

May 20-23, 2021, Nassau County Fire Academy

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NEW PRODUCT: Finger Cut Kit

Finger Cut Kit contains everything you need to treat your next finger cut. Contents are positioned in order of use, simply open the kit and get started.

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