Emergency Medical Aviator Bag

Emergency Medical Aviator Bag

The Emergency Medical Aviator Bag (EMAB) was developed in coordination with the aviation community to meet specific operational requirements. Utilizing MATBOCK's Ghost material, we were significantly able to reduce weight and bulk while also protecting the contents of the bag from aircraft fluid damage.

Bag feature:

- Stowable shoulder straps to reduce snag hazards while bag is mounted to the frame.
- Reinforced carabiner attachment points for connection to aircraft
- Expandable 8” compartment to increase the volume of the bag by 920 cubic inches
- Quick access “dump pouch” for E&E situations. Quickly open, stuff flight plans, gloves or sensitive items. Additional 1,008 cubic inches
- Each zipper can be secured to the bag with tags for inventory control
- Weather resistant index card identification pocket.

  • Specifications

    Without bottom section: 2180 cubic inches
    With bottom section: 3100 cubic inches

    Weight of EMAB: 3 lbs

    Without bottom section: 12.75” x 9” x 19”
    With bottom section: 12.75” x 9” x 27”