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Triage Tape (Set of 4)

Triage Tape (Set of 4)

SKU: ZZ-0591

The North American Rescue Triage Tape (Set of 4) contains 1 roll of marking tape with each of the colors needed to triage patients or to identify specific triage areas using the START (Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment) system on scene of a mass casualty incident. Each roll of tape contains 300 feet of highly visible and durable non adhesive PVC tape. This set can be used to replace the tape rolls in the Rapid Response Kit- Rescue Task Force Edition. The color scheme for triaging casualties is as follows: Red – Immediate, Yellow – Delayed, Green – Minor, Black/White – Deceased.


  • Specifications

    • Highly colorful and visible triage tape in 4 colors
    • Contains 1 roll of each color required to use the START System:
      Red – Immediate
      Yellow – Delayed
      Green – Minor
      Black/White – Deceased
    • Durable non adhesive PVC material
    • 1.1875 in. wide x 300 ft long
    • 2.5 mil thick


    • Each roll: W 1.1875 in. x L 300 ft
    • Total Weight: 24.5 oz
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