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FIRST Responders

Training classes appropriate for police, fire, EMS or any person whose job may involve providing medical care. 


Training programs that meet the requirements for Department of Defense Instruction 1322.24 for Medical Readiness Training. 


Tactical Medicine

Training programs designed for tactical responders. This includes law enforcement, TEMS Medics and Rescue Task Force members.

K9 Classes

Whether you are a police K9 handler, a MWD Handler or a concerned pet owner you can learn to save the life of a K9.



Training courses designed for any business or company. These courses focus on actions that must take place during an emergency. 

Community & Layperson Courses

Courses designed for members of the general public that may have little to no medical training. 

Hospital Corridor

Healthcare courses

Courses that are for members of the healthcare profession. This includes, physicians, nurses, physician assistants and technichians. 

all courses

This section lists all of the courses offered by Penn Tactical Solutions.


custom training

Not all agencies, units or companies have needs that can be met by a course that's currently available. Whether it be training, a drill or scenarios, we can work with you to design a program that meets your needs. 

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