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If you're looking for realistic, hands-on training, our  mobile training unit is ready to bring our state-of-the-art training gear and cadre of experienced instructors to you. We offer a wide range of courses for every skill level and training goal.

About Penn Tactical Solutions

Penn Tactical Solutions’ mission is to provide the necessary resources for public safety and military with an emphasis on tactical medical training and supplies. Our company philosophy is straightforward: master the fundamentals to excel in the field. We believe that a solid grasp of the basics is crucial for every first responder, military personnel, and public safety professional. To support this mission, we offer a diverse range of training classes tailored to fit every experience level and operational need.

Our team of instructors is composed of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in military service, emergency medicine, and public safety. They understand the critical importance of starting with the basics and are committed to pushing you to achieve your highest potential. Our courses combine informative lectures with extensive hands-on training, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

In addition to tactical medicine training, Penn Tactical Solutions is working towards the implementation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), also known as drones, in public safety. We provide resources to allow for the use of drones in search and rescue, disaster response and assessment, firefighting support, and crowd control. Penn Tactical Solutions also provides resources for the use of drones in civilian applications such as infrastructure inspection, property surveys, and real estate photography.

Penn Tactical Solutions thrives on the fusion of well-established principles with innovative methods to provide the best education and services for public safety professionals and well-meaning civilians.

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